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Society for Science & the Public has provided services that empowers me to bridge equity gaps in science education. This nonprofit helped bring teachers together from across the country to share experiences, ideas, and grow as educators. Students who did not originally consider science careers have had opportunities that they would have not otherwise considered. I am thankful for the SSP and their programs, especially the Advocates Grant Program.

Our outreach and equity programs aim to have a substantial impact on underserved students interested in STEM fields but who may not yet have the resources and mentors to get started on original research. Society for Science & the Public has a staff of 86, with a growing communications function. Under new leadership from Maya Ajmera, the President and CEO, the organization is in a growth mode, adding staff at a rapid pace to support the growing programs.

Attending this conference has lit a fire inside of me to doggedly pursue every opportunity I can to provide Independent Research opportunities for students. As an SSP Advocate, I have had special training and support that has led to me being able to help dozens of economically disadvantaged students learn about research that can be entered into science fair competitions. Last year I had one student make it to the International Science and Engineering Fair and it changed his life for the better by helping him earn college scholarships. Other students are returning to continue pursuing the dream of solving a real world problem like field testing for Lyme Disease in ticks. Without the help and support of SSP I would not be as actively involved in my community trying to ensure awareness of and access for all kids to science fair competitions. Society for the Science and the Public has dedicated years of time, resources, and money to schools and students across the country with the focus to promote intense, appropriate, and necessary science exploration at the middle school and high school levels.

Since 1921, the Society has conveyed the excitement of science and research directly to the public through our award-winning publications and, since 1942, through our world-class science education competitions. Science News, our flagship publication, meets the needs of readers who have an interest in cutting-edge science, math, and technology and seek an accurate digest of current research in a variety of fields without the heavy jargon of a scientific journal. The Society works to ensure that young people have a chance to become scientifically literate and pursue a career as a scientist or engineer if that is what they want to do.

I have been bringing students to the ISEF for decades and enjoy watching the continued success of the participants after they return home motivated to pursue higher education and careers with confidence. SSP advocates science education and literacy through supporting students, teachers, and the public. They make the latest research obtainable to every person through their Science News magazine and organize major scientific fairs for high school and middle school students. It is these competitions that help fuel the excitement in STEM fields for kids and encourage them to dream big so that they can be the scientists of our future. The society for science has done far more for science teachers and science programs around the country than any other non-profit I know.

The Society for Science and the Public is a superb, unique, non-profit organization whose mission to be “a champion for science, dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education and scientific research” is realized on a daily basis in many different ways. We were given a grant for our science research class which helped acquire equipment and academic material. Also, it has provided a subscription to Science News in High school for the last two years. With these resources we have been able to keep up to date and complete our research projects on time.

The High School Research Teachers Conference brings 200 research teachers of all experience levels together to share best practices, troubleshoot challenges, and learn more about Society for Science & the Public and the Regeneron Science Talent Search. Our flagship publication, Science News, continues to set the standard for science journalism. Each year, only 40 finalists are selected from the nearly 2,000 students who enter our Science Talent Search, the longest-running and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors in the country. Your membership promotes scientific literacy and gives millions the opportunity to fall in love with science.

It opened up abundant opportunities for both of us to stay connected with all participants in real time, throughout our lives. The deliberations at the conference were extraordinary; each and every presentation was well thought out and delivered. Invariably, all presentations were a real world interdisciplinary experience – including learning as a team. The interactions, connections, and networking offered by the conference have expanded my horizons. My ability to make a difference has enhanced and it also increased the strength of my vision to empower the future of this world in my classroom.

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